School Canceled on Account of Kermit

Published: January 22, 2010
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kermitbombscareHere’s the strangest Muppet-related news story of the new year: A charter school in Colorado canceled classes for the day after receiving reports of a “suspicious package” left unattended in the parking lot, which turned out to be a duffel bag containing a Kermit the Frog doll.

As reported in this article on, the bomb squad was summoned and discovered “a large Kermit the Frog doll with ‘blood stains or paint.’ So that’s weird. It’s fortunate that there was no danger, although not everyone was happy… That article also quotes a mother complaining about her kids being home all day after the school canceled classes.

I’m sure we’ll never hear an update on this story, but my inquiring mind would love to know more… Who left the duffel bag in the parking lot? Was it blood or paint on that Kermit doll? (If it was blood, how did it get there? Did Kermit cut himself shaving?) And most importantly, was it a 2003 Sababa Kermit or a 2001 Nanco Kermit?

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