Sam the Eagle Themed Restaurant Coming to Disney World

Published: January 2, 2020
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I can’t say I saw this one coming.

The Liberty Inn restaurant, located in the American section of EPCOT’s World Showcase at Walt Disney World is currently undergoing renovations to transform it into The Regal Eagle Smokehouse.  Sure, all of that sounds reasonable.  But it turns out that the Regal Eagle will be the Regalest of all Eagles: Sam the Eagle.

Yes, Sam the Eagle will play host to the upcoming Disney restaurant.  According to the press release, “the beloved Muppet will host a centennial cook-off – a salute to all cook-offs… but mostly barbecue.”

Other than this, we have no clue what Sam’s role will be.  Will he be on the restaurant’s logo?  Will there be video inside the restaurant of Sam explaining why your french fries should be called “freedom fries”?  Will a walkaround Sam greet you at your table for a photo op and a speech about why Donald Duck should wear pants?  For now, we can only speculate.

We’re holding out some hope that the theming will be more Muppety than PizzeRizzo, but for now we’re extremely satisfied that the Muppets aren’t being erased from the theme parks.  Let’s bring on more Muppet stuff to Disney World!

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by Joe Hennes –

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