April Fools: Back in Time for Sam & Friends

Published: April 2, 2020
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Every year on the first of April, we have a little tradition here on ToughPigs. We flip our website and morph it into something new for 24 hours. And in these strange and unprecedented times, we figured we could all use a little fun amidst our chaos.

Since the present is so… weird, we took ToughPigs into the past. Before The Muppet Show, before Sesame Street, and way before The Happytime Murders, there was Sam & Friends. So we went back in time to transform ToughPigs into a Sam & Friends fan site, in all its black-and-white glory.

Thankfully, our crack team of Muppet fan reporters were more than up for the task. In addition to ToughPigs owners Joe Hennes and Ryan Roe, we featured articles by Matthew Soberman, Julia Gaskill, Evan G., Staci Rosen, Louie Pearlman, and Anthony Strand. And as always, we were joined by our resident artist Chris “Smig” Smigliano, who created our temporary logo and a whole bunch of icon art. Thanks to everyone involved for all your hard work!

By the way, if you want to check out all of our previous April Fools Day gags, click here and enjoy!

Just in case you missed the whole thing, we saved all the articles below for you to read (or re-read)! And below that, you’ll find larger versions of all the original artwork by Smig.

Welcome to ToughPigs.com: Sam & Friends Fans Who Grew Up, by Joe Hennes

My Favorite Sam & Friends Character of All Time: Chicken Liver, by Ryan Roe

A Look Into the Future of Sam & Friends, by Evan G.

Scandal! Sam & Friends Caught Lip Syncing!, by Louie Pearlman

Sputnik: The Yorick of the Skies, by Anthony Strand

I Definitely Have Seen Every Episode of Sam & Friends, by Julia Gaskill

EDITORIAL: The Muppet Money Mess (or, “Sam” Sells Out), by Matthew Soberman

Wilkins Coffee Incites Violence, Prison Time, by Staci Rosen

What’s Next for Sam & His Friends?, by Ryan Roe

A WARNING from the Future, by Joe Hennes

And as promised, enjoy Smig’s terrific artwork that we used for our sidebar icons!

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, and thanks to you for reading! We look forward to fooling you again next year!

Click here to travel into the prehistoric past on the ToughPigs forum!

by the ToughPigs Staff

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