RSVLTS Shirts Go Down to Fraggle Rock

Published: April 9, 2024
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Last month, RSVLTS debuted a new line of Henson-inspired button-down shirts, which look pretty dope (and Muppety!). Today, they’ve announced another new line, this time inspired by Fraggle Rock.

The three new designs, seen above, feature illustrated versions of the Fraggle Five (with classic Mokey), tiny Doozers, and the shirt we’ve all been asking for: a recreation of Wembley’s banana tree shirt!

All three shirts, as well as the new Henson designs, can be found on the RSVLTS website in two different cuts. They’re currently running for $70 each, but speaking as someone who owns a RSVLTS shirt, the quality is pretty top-notch.

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