Reviewing the Other Tracks of the Muppets Most Wanted Soundtrack

Published: April 8, 2014
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Kyle Mahoney – Today we take a look at the demo, outtake, and bonus tracks from the Muppets Most Wanted Original Soundtrack that Ryan left out of his original review.

MUPPETS MOST WANTED SOUNDTRACK REVIEW PART 2: Demos, Outtake, and Bonus European Tracks

1.   We’re Doing A Sequel (Demo) by Bret McKenzie: This version is the same as its final version counterpart with a few exceptions. A) Lew Zealand’s half decent plot pitch isn’t there, and B) BRET MCKENZIE DOES MUPPET VOICES!!! Bret might only have a few voices he’s able to do or he originally had his own ideas for which character would sing certain lines. This version also has less instruments on hand so it’s much simpler. FAVORITE LYRIC: We’re doing a sequel/ it’s more of the same!/ Let’s give it a name/ How ‘bout The Muppets…Again!

2.   The Big House (Demo) by Bret McKenzie: This version is actually very different than what we hear Tina Fey sing in the film. The song still uses the idea of the Gulag as a hotel with lots of puns. Some lines (such as checking out after 10 or 11 years) are still in the song, but are moved around. But many lines are completely different including a different chorus. There are much fewer background vocals in the demo and Bret uses his normal singing voice for the song which sounds just lovely. FAVORITE LYRIC: You’ll enjoy your stay/ All expenses paid/ Your home away from home.

3.   What You Want (Outtake) by Bret McKenzie: This might be my favorite of all the extra songs given to us. This was one of Bret’s ideas for a song Constantine could sing to Piggy to gain her trust and keep her happy. Instead of a disco, he went for a classic rock song similar to something Elvis would sing. The song has the same opening lines, but everything else is completely different. Bret’s vocals are fantastic (and almost Constantine-ish) as is the piano and guitar solos. I would love to have seen what this song would have been like in the movie. But as much as I love this song, Cockatoo in Malibu was a better choice for the film. Disco just seems to work better. FAVORITE LYRIC: Well baby I’ll make you a movie star/ Driving ‘round in a limousine/Gettin’ you up on that silver screen/ Oh baby do you like the taste of fame?/ There’s nothing sweeter than them screaming out your name

4.   I’ll Get You Want You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu) [Demo] by Bret McKenzie: This version is exactly what we hear in the Funny or Die Music Video for this song. The lyrics have stayed the same (except “Mortgage Loan” has been changed to “Banking Loan”, but there’s just something about Bret McKenzie’s voice that make you want to melt, especially when it’s all echo-y. FAVORITE LYRIC: You want an ice cream cone/ I’ll give it to you/ You want a banking loan/ I’ll give it to you

5.   Something So Right (Demo) by Bret McKenzie: The biggest thing I can say about this track is that Bret McKenzie’s Miss Piggy impression is scary-good. This version has very different lyrics. Miss Piggy sings about love and the difficulties it can cause but how it is always been worth it for Kermit, but still sings of how she feels she doesn’t know him. Although Bret has not been trained to sing high notes in falsetto like Eric Jacobson has learned to do, he is able to just barely make it. This also features a musical interlude. FAVORITE LYRIC: Love ain’t easy, love can be strange/ Time go by and people change/ You and me are meant to be/ Its written in the stars its destiny

6.   My Heart Will Go On by Miss. Piggy: We heard this song briefly in Muppets Most Wanted, and I’m pretty sure we all questioned why this wasn’t on the soundtrack in the first place. Eric Jacobson blows this song out of the water and I’m sure Celine Dion would be proud.

7.   The Muppet Show Theme by Die Muppets: I’m going to assume this would be what the Muppets would have sung in Berlin if Constantine didn’t get stagefri–I mean vertigo. This version feels much quicker and maybe that’s because I don’t speak German. But it is still lovely to hear more foreign language Muppets!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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