Review: Fraggle Rock Comic Book #1

Published: May 9, 2018
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Debuting this week in comic book stores everywhere from Archaia/BOOM! Studios is the all-new Fraggle Rock comic book. Based on the classic series of which I’m sure all of our readers are familiar, this series will act as a re-introduction to the series for those who are not, and a brand-new world to experience for those who never were.

Before I delve too deeply into this first issue, I just want to say: I love comic books. I love reading them; I love writing them; I love the twists and turns long-running series can take, and the short, concise storytelling that one-off issues can deliver. I regularly read a variety of series, from the heavy-weighted serious dramas, to the funny books with goofy characters. I make recommendations all the time to friends who think they won’t find anything in them that will appeal to their interests, with a pretty decent success rate. I truly believe that comic books are for everyone.

However, that doesn’t mean that every comic book is for everyone. So just as I mentioned in our preview of the new Muppet Babies, keep in mind that this is a fantastic first issue with great characterizations of some beloved characters – but this issue does skew a little younger than some of the previous Fraggle comics we’ve seen. I very much enjoyed the brushed renderings by Jared Cullum, beautifully done in watercolors. The art is expressive and appropriately flexible, to give it a cartoony effect without being juvenile. And the simple story of friendship and encouragement is a delight that would fit easily into an episode of the original series.

But the story on its own is more of a B-plot. Or I guess an A-plot in need of a B-plot to feel whole. It’s a quick read that doesn’t rush through its story, but it is a short story in the truest sense. The narration feels slightly unnecessary at times, and like it needs a little fleshing out at other times. The dialogue is sparse but sharp, and always feels true to each character. And the core message of looking for inspiration in unexpected places was especially delightful. While this combination does make for some gorgeous drawings paired with a breezy, fun read, it does come off feeling more like a storybook than a comic book. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing – I enjoyed sitting down with the book and feeling comforted. But it does make me excited to see what the other issues of this series will be like. Since each issue will feature a different creative team, I’m curious to see how they interpret the characters and have many degrees of variance we’ll find.

All in all, this is a strong start to a new series, with a promise of some interesting things to come in its anthology style.


Story & Art: Jared Cullum
Lettering: Mike Fiorentino
Cover: Jared Cullum
Variant Subscription Cover: Jake Myler
Designer: Michelle Ankley
Editor: Cameron Chittock
Assistant Editor: Gavin Gronenthal

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by Matt Wilkie

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