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Published: July 29, 2009
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The San Diego Comic Con was this past weekend, and although thousands of people were able to attend, I was not one of them. That’s some sad news right there. But the good news is that we got a few Muppet-related news tidbits which we’ll report as if I was actually the one doing the news gathering. Don’t tell the Associated Press!
The Guinness Book of World Records went to Comic Con to award a few world records plaques to things such as Detective Comics for being the Longest Continuously Published Comic Book and The Simpsons for being the Longest Running Animated TV Series. They also awarded Brian Henson with the plaque for Farscape, which has the Most Digital Effects in a TV Series. Good work, Farscape! You look pretty!
Archaia Comics announced that the upcoming Labyrinth and Dark Crystal comics will feature covers by the great Brian Froud, who will also be serving as the Creative Consultant for both titles. That’s some great hiring there, Archaia! Now if you can only convince him to do some interior art for the comics, I’d be happy as a baby being tossed in the air by David Bowie.

Archaia also gave us a few more details on the upcoming Fraggle Rock comic book. It will be in anthology format, with both long and short stories. The books will be a bit smaller than a comic book, coming in at just 8″x8″. The comics will also contain “new levels of interactivity,” which could mean just about anything. Maybe they’ll come with instructions on how to grind the pages down and make your own Doozer sticks.
BOOM Studios didn’t have much new information about the Muppet comics at their panel, but they did say that they’re planning on getting rid of the 4-issue installments of The Muppet Show Comic Book and turning it into an ongoing, which will make it so much easier to keep track of the numbering. And I know you’re all very concerned about keeping your Muppet comics organized to an obnoxious degree like myself. The image above is the pencils for the cover of the Pigs In Space one-shot comic, which will be written by Roger Langridge and illustrated by an unidentified artist.
eFX Collectibles had the first signs of their upcoming Muppet Photo Puppets on display, including Rizzo, Reporter Kermit, and a piece of Miss Piggy. Rizzo looks fantastic. I’m tempted to buy him and make him carry my luggage. It’s hard to judge that Reporter Kermit, since they made no effort at all to make him look good in that glass case. Muppet News Flash: Nobody wants to buy an ugly Photo Puppet! And the Piggy face looks like they’re on the right track, with a chubbier Piggy like we used to see in the Muppet Show days, as opposed to the newer, slimmer Piggy we’ve gotten used to in recent years. Though I’m staying dubious until we see what her hair and costume will look like, since we all know that the clothes make the pig.
Oh, and these guys were there. Do you think Bunsen is a DC or a Marvel fan? UPDATE: Looks like they did a sketch for the Comic Con masquerade! Enjoy the nerdiness!

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