Back in this post, I showed you the cover of the new 25th anniversary DVD release of Follow That Bird, and pointed out the sneaky move of putting Elmo on the cover when doesn’t have any kind of significant role in the movie. Then I asked you to come up with your own Follow That Bird covers.

I got some great responses, so how about we look at them now? Do yourself a favor, and click on these to make them bigger!

Scott H:

Jarrod F:

Paul B:

Joe H #1:

Michal R:

Mike C:

Phil R:

Joe H #2:

Mo W:


Joe H #3:

I tell ya, if Sesame Workshop would just put any of these designs on the real cover, they’d sell… well, they probably wouldn’t sell many copies. But Tough Pigs readers sure are a creative bunch. Big thanks to everyone who submitted a cover, and don’t forget to look for the new Follow That Bird DVD on March 24th!

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