Preview: Fraggle Rock Comic Book #2

Published: June 19, 2018
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The second issue of Archaia’s latest Fraggle Rock comic book miniseries hits stores this week!  And we’re pleased to see a familiar name right there on the front cover.

Very few things in this world please me more than seeing “one of us” rise to the occasion of creating official work based on the Henson franchises we all love so much.  Jay Fosgitt, who has been a great friend and an incredible Muppet fan artist, is responsible for writing and illustrating this issue of the Fraggle Rock comic book.  So as you can imagine, this comic is filled with the exact amount of love and respect the Fraggles deserve.

The issue involves a group of bullies in Fraggle Rock.  Fraggle bullies???  Yes, it’s totally a thing.

So, we are proud to share Jay’s excellent work here in the form of a preview, and we hope you check out the issue at your local comic shop!  Enjoy!

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by Joe Hennes –

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