Pardon PizzaRizzo’s Dust: Construction Pics

Published: August 29, 2016
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While we patiently await the opening of PizzaRizzo, Walt Disney World’s first ever Muppet restaurant, we’re being treated to some teases from the lookyloos at the park who are getting glimpses of the building under construction.

Thanks to the Inside the Magic blog, we have some good pictures of the construction, which include a look at Gonzo’s Royal Flush (likely a restroom), the second level of the restaurant (which looks huge), some of the Muppet-esque signage on the construction walls, and the PizzaRizzo marquee!  Check ’em out below!

Muppet-Courtyard-ConstructionMuppet-Courtyard-Construction-2 Muppet-Courtyard-Construction-3 Muppet-Courtyard-Construction-4Muppet-Courtyard-Construction-5Muppet-Courtyard-Construction-6Muppet-Courtyard-Construction-7

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