First Look: Hallmark’s Pigs in Space Ornament

Published: April 13, 2024
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Every year, the folks at Hallmark release a new Muppet ornament, and they’re all pretty spectacular. From talking Fozzies to singing Chefs, they’re slowly making their way through all of the top characters. This year, First Mate Piggy takes the spotlight with the incredible Pigs in Space-inspired ornament seen above!

First Mate Piggy will be available on July 13, and as you can see, she comes with a tiny Swinetrek, conveniently floating behind her in the distance (or, less conveniently shrunken down by some sort of sci-fi mishap).

The ornament, now available for pre-order on the Hallmark website, is running for $20.99. A steal, especially if you plan to display it year-round like me.

And what a great companion piece to our latest podcast – The Fantastic Miss Piggy Podcast – available wherever you listen to things!

Click here to shop for ornaments when pigs fly on the ToughPigs Discord!

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