Photos for The Muppets Episode 13 – “Got Silk?”

Published: February 9, 2016
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UPDATE: We’ve added 14 additional photos from the episode!  Scroll down to see them all!

Another week, another tease at a future episode of The Muppets!

Below, you’ll find photos from episode #13, “Got Silk?”, with guest stars RuPaul and Ingrid Michaelson and RuPaul’s underwear!  See all that and more right underneath the (very short) episode description.

The episode will air on Tuesday, February 16th at 8:30/7:30c on ABC!

Miss Piggy goes to an aerial silks class in at attempt to make new friends and Gonzo, Pepe and Rizzo fall under Pache’s spell.

ep13 - chef ep13 - chef2 ep13 - floyd ep13 - gonzo1 ep13 - gonzo2 ep13 - ingrid1 ep13 - ingrid2 ep13 - ingrid3 ep13 - ingrid4 ep13 - ingrid5 ep13 - kermit1 ep13 - kermit2 ep13 - mayhem ep13 - piggy1 ep13 - piggy2 ep13 - piggy3 ep13 - piggy4 ep13 - piggy5 ep13 - piggy6 ep13 - rupaul1 ep13 - rupaul2 ep13 - rupaul3 ep13 - rupaul4 ep13 - rupaul5 ep13 - rupaul6 ep13 - rupaul7 ep13 - rupaul8 ep13 - statlerwaldorf ep13 - uncled ep13 - uncled2

UPDATE: The following photos were added on February 17.

ep13 - new - clueless1 ep13 - new - clueless2 ep13 - new - clueless3 ep13 - new - clueless4 ep13 - new - clueless5 ep13 - new - clueless6 ep13 - new - clueless7 ep13 - new - clueless8 ep13 - new - clueless9 ep13 - new - clueless10 ep13 - new - gonzo1 ep13 - new - gonzo2 ep13 - new - gonzo3 ep13 - new - sweetums

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