Muppets Prove Print is Not Dead

Published: November 21, 2011
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Now that we’re just a couple days away from the premiere of The Muppets, the local journalists are starting to get into the game.  And while we probably won’t have the time to write about every single one, we thought we’d spotlight a couple of the recent mentions to get the ball rolling.  (And be sure to check out your own local paper for anything noteworthy!)

First, here are a few scans from the Boston Globe (scans courtesy of ToughPigs’ own Smig), featuring a cool picture of Kermit in front of an audience filled with Muppets and Muppet-related celebrities:

And Parade Magazine is promoting The Muppets with this article, as well as the following video clip (which appeared on their website, as the Harry Potter newspaper technology hasn’t quite caught up to us yet):

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