RIP Olivia Newton-John

Published: August 8, 2022
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We are saddened to learn that iconic singer and actress Olivia Newton-John has passed away.

Best known for her starring roles in films such as Grease and (in this author’s opinion, underrated classic) Xanadu, as well as hit songs such as “Physical”, Newton-John also has a couple minor Muppet connections.

Most notably, she appeared in the Winter, 1985 issue of Muppet Magazine, in which she was interviewed by Miss Piggy about growing up in Australia and her (then-current) pop projects. You can read the entire interview below (click to embiggen):

According to a document currently on display at The Jim Henson Exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image featuring a list of potential guest stars for The Muppet Show‘s second season, Olivia Newton-John was considered as one of the stars (alongside Dolly Parton, Orson Welles, Bette Midler, and others). It’s unknown as to why this didn’t come to fruition, but I’m sure she would’ve done a spectacular job as a reluctant guest on the show.

And just last year, Newton-John was filmed reading the Sesame Street book, “All Tucked In” on YouTube:

We’re so grateful to Olivia Newton-John for all her contributions through Muppet history, and we will miss her.

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