The following video was produced by Staci Rosen. Thanks for all your hard work, Staci!

There were certain stars that had to align to bring you today’s ToughPigs post.  First, we had to be big enough comic book fans to attend the New York Comic Con.  Next, we had to rely on the accommodating and friendly nature of our celebrity friends.  And finally, we had to be lazy enough to sit on these videos until three days before the new Muppet movie comes out.  (Yeah, sorry about that, folks.)

Last year, we asked everyone we met the ever-popular question, “Who is your favorite Muppet?”  But this year, we decided to make things much more topical by asking, “What are you most looking forward to from the new Muppet movie?”  We were able to ask a bunch of our friends from the world of Muppet and Fraggle Rock comic books, a couple superheroes, and even a few honest-to-Frog Muppeteers!

Watch the video here, and let it get you all excited for the new movie in just a few more days!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our video, including David Petersen, Eric Jacobson, Amy Mebberson, Jeff Stokely, Superman (Alex Rae), Katie Cook, Dave Hulteen, Joe LeFavi, Grace Randolph, Tim Beedle, Kevin Clash, Nichol Ashworth, James Silvani, Batman (Bruce Wayne), and Peter Linz!

Click here to look forward to Animal ripping apart the villains of the city on the ToughPigs forum!

by Staci Rosen

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