No Sesame ‘Til Brooklyn!

Published: October 14, 2009
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In the next step to help celebrate Sesame Street‘s 40th anniversary, Sesame Workshop is teaming up with two of my favorite celebrities: Brooklyn, New York and libraries.

The Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza will be slewing a host of events (sorry, that’s hosting a slew of events) through November, including the exhibit “Sesame Street: A Celebration of 40 Years of Life on the Street“. The exhibit will run from November 14 to February 21, and will include Muppets and show props, scripts and sheet music, and photographs and animation cels. I heard a rumor that they might have Emilio Delgado in a glass case, but that’s probably not true.

When the exhibit opens on November 14, the Brooklyn Public Library will hold a Family Fun Day, in which you can be among the first to see the displays and meet a real life walkaround Elmo! We don’t have word yet if it will be Kevin Clash in the Elmo suit, but don’t get your hopes up. Or get them up, what do I care?

On November 21, Bob “Bob” McGrath will be on hand to kick out a few jams for the kids (and the Bobketeers like myself, who will be standing in the back row). Bob’s concert will start at 1:00pm.

Following Bob’s operetta, Louise Gikow will moderate a panel discussion about Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary and the upcoming book, Sesame Street: A Celebration. Panel members include Fran Brill, puppet builder Rollie Krewson, Bob McGrath, Carol-Lynn Parente, and Chris Cerf. Panel watchers will include me. The panel will start at 4:00pm on November 21.

To reserve your free tickets for the two events, call the Brooklyn Public Library at 718-230-2100.
Finally, all 60 Brooklyn Public Libraries will have limited edition Elmo library cards to dole out to budding readers. There are only 30,000 cards, so get yours fast! And if you don’t want a new library card (or if you’re one of those “non-Brooklynites”), they will also be giving away free Sesame Street bookmarks, coming in four different designs.

If you live near the New York area, be sure to stop by and see the exhibit! And if you attend the panel discussion, come say hello to your ToughPigs friends!
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