Nip/Tuck: Improving the Muppets Magic DVD Cover

Published: September 1, 2003
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Please, don’t misunderstand. We’re all very excited about the Muppets Magic from the Ed Sullivan Show DVD, which comes out this week. We never thought we’d see a DVD collection of Muppet sketches from Ed Sullivan, but here it is, so that’s a happy thing.

In fact, we’re so happy and excited about it that we waited almost a whole day before somebody pointed out the obvious, which is that the DVD cover is, in fact, very very ugly. Apocalyptically ugly, really. No excuse for it ugly. So ugly that one wonders how you could fit so much ugliness into one place. It’s just ugly.

So the clever and good-hearted people on the Tough Pigs Forum took it upon themselves to make some better DVD covers, which we offer to you here as alternatives. We also took the opportunity to make some worse DVD covers, just to prove that it could be done.

Patrick Holmes

Ryan Roe

Tom Holste

Isha Matos

John Hamilton

Scott Hanson #1

Scott Hanson #2

R.D. #1

R.D. #2

Jamie Vier

by Danny Horn

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