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Published: September 13, 2010
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Man, we haven’t done of these news round-ups in a while. So here’s one.

vinylfloydMore Muppet Vinylmations on the way
You know those weird little Vinylmation toys, with various characters’ images painted onto Mickey Mouse-shaped figures? Vinyl Nation has reported that more Muppet models will be coming soon, including Gonzo, Scooter, Sam the Eagle, Floyd, and Janice. I’ve never bought a Vinylmation figure in my life, but I think I’d like to have that Floyd.

One tiny update on the new Muppet movie
Nick Stoller, the dude who wrote the new Muppet movie with Jason Segel, told Movieweb in a recent interview that the film is “eight weeks out.” Does mean the production will begin filming in two months? That would be exciting. Oh, and in case you were wondering, he also says there will not be a scene between Seth Rogen and Rowlf.

Sesame illustrations in LA
If you live in Los Angeles, you should drop what you’re doing and proceed immediately to the Central Library, where you’ll find the “Forty Years of Sesame Street Illustration: Selections from the Publishing Archive of Sesame Workshop” exhibit. As the name implies, it’s a collection of stuff from the many decades of nifty Sesame Street books. I don’t know specifically what’s included, but I hope there’s at least one page of original art from Grover and the Everything in the Whole Wide World Museum.

kermit2011Kermit all year long
Last year was a long and lonely one for Muppet fans, with not a single Muppet-related calendar available. But 2011 is already looking better… Amazon is now selling a new Kermit calendar called “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” (Man, it’s getting tiresome to hear Kermit’s signature song associated with the environmental movement.) It’s pretty neat-looking, and I’ll be happy to have Kermit on my wall for the year. Ooh, and I can’t wait to mark December 25 for the release of the new movie.

Muppet skins for your electronic devices
Here, finally, is an opportunity to put Miss Piggy or Fozzie on the outside of your iPod or Nintendo DS, as the online Disney store is now selling Muppets device skins. Of course there are some Kermits too, as well as a skin featuring Zoot and Floyd, which, as our buddy Ryan Dosier pointed out on the Muppet Mindset, is listed as “Sherlock Hemlock.” I guess all mustachioed Jerry Nelson characters look the same to Disney. (Presumably no Muppets were actually skinned to make these things.)

Dance along with Elmo and also ask him a question
Two Elmo-centric videos have shown up on YouTube in recent days. In this one, Elmo requests your questions for a new thingy called “Ask Elmo.”

If you’ve ever had a burning question about what kind of shampoo Elmo uses on his fur or what Mr. Noodle is really like, now’s your chance.

And in this other video, Elmo debuts a new dance that’s sure to be played at every monster wedding reception this year: The Elmo Slide!

It looks like this is being posted as a promotion for season 41 of Sesame Street so we’ll no doubt be seeing the dance on our TVs soon. Speaking of season 41…
Music dude appears in another video promoting the new season:

It’s always fun to see the whole Sesame gang in one place. And Bert is rockin’ those glasses.

That’s it for now… Stay tuned to Tough Pigs for more Muppet news to make you salivate.

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