If this headline sounds familiar, it’s because almost a year ago we ran an exclusive newsbit announcing that The Muppets Studio has a brand new logo. And it’s a great logo! Very Muppety, feeling both new and retro at the same time.

The fine folks at Muppets Studio have revealed to us that the Muppets themselves (and not just their studio) are getting a new logo. The image you see above will be used moving forward, appearing on Muppet merchandise packaging and elsewhere.

The new logo matches the style of the new Muppets Studio logo, both inspired by the Muppet Show marquee, and the lime green background color matches Kermit’s felted flippers. The previous logo (with the Kermit collar “M”) had been in use since 2011, and while it will always hold a dear place in our hearts, the new one suggests that it’s time to move forward while also respecting everything that came before. Plus, it’s been 11 years, so we’re due for an update.

The Muppets Studio logo will continue to be used for the overall department under the Disney banner (encompassing the Muppet brand, Bear in the Big Blue House, and the production wing), while the new logo will be used exclusively for Kermit and his pals.

The very first place anyone will see the logo out in the real world will be at Walt Disney World. At the Magic Kingdom, there will be a Photopass photo op next to the Liberty Bell where Sam the Eagle will virtually appear in your picture. As you can see in the image below, the new logo appears on Sam’s podium.

The Sam the Eagle photo op will be in effect at Walt Disney World from July 1st to July 5th, just in time for Independence Day.

And keep an eye out for the new logo to pop up elsewhere in the Muppet world!

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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