COMING SOON: The Making of The Great Muppet Mural

Published: January 7, 2022
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75 artists came together to illustrate 274 Muppets in honor of ToughPigs’ 20th anniversary. The epic and breathtaking result was The Great Muppet Mural!

It’s obvious that a lot of work and love and time went into this project, which was a point that didn’t go unnoticed by our team. One of the driving forces behind the mural – artist Dave Hulteen – recognized that there’s much more to this project, and that this story required the force of an entire documentary to tell.

Over the past few months, Dave painstakingly produced The Making of The Great Muppet Mural, featuring the full story of how the mural came to be, the creative process of many of the featured artists, and even a few surprises.

The documentary will be released here on ToughPigs in three parts. The first part will premiere on Saturday, January 29th at 6pm ET. The watch party will feature a live Q&A with some of the talent from the mural, as well as a first look at the debut episode.

Keep an eye on ToughPigs’ Twitter and Facebook for more details, including the watch link on the day of the show. In the meantime, check out the first trailer below!

Click here to draw the Swedish Chef making THAT gesture on the ToughPigs forum!

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