Muppet*Vision Week: Disney World vs. Disneyland, pt. 1

Published: May 24, 2016
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Muppet*Vision 3D opened at Walt Disney World in May, 1991 – 25 years ago!  The attraction was duplicated in Disneyland, and features Kermit and the Muppets showing off 3D technology, including a bizarre digital puppet named Waldo.  It is also notable for being the last Muppet production overseen by Jim Henson before his passing.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, we are dedicating a week of ToughPigs articles to Muppet*Vision 3D!

Back in 2011, I made my first-ever trip to Walt Disney World as an adult.  I’d only been there once before, and as poor luck would have it, it was mere months before Muppet*Vision 3D would debut.  So only 20 years later, I finally got to experience the wonder of Jim’s last project and a lost (to me) Muppet production.

While there, I took about 9,000 photos of every detail in and around the theater area with the intention of sharing them on ToughPigs.  Time went on, and I postponed and rescheduled and mostly forgot.  A few years later, I made my first visit to Disneyland, and I got to experience their version of the Muppet*Vision 3D attraction.  Once again, I took a billion photos.  And once again, I put off any sort of sharing.

I also visited each park once more to (you guessed it) take more photos, so the pictures you’re about to see are composited from anywhere between 2011 and 2015.

And now that we’re celebrating Muppet*Vision’s 25th anniversary, it seems like the perfect time to finally display all of those pictures!  It’s almost as if I planned it that way all along.  I totally did.  No, really.

We thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the Walt Disney World and Disneyland versions of the Muppet attraction, so you’ll have the opportunity to see photos from both below.  Today, we’re starting with photos from outside the theater and just inside the entryway.  Later this week, we’ll continue with the journey through the elaborate waiting area, into the theater, and through the gift shop.

Now, come on!  Let’s go to Disney World!  And Disneyland!  We’re the luckiest kids ever!

Outside the Theater

Walt Disney World

As you’ll see below, the courtyard area (soon to be renamed The Muppets Courtyard) is full of gags and awesome visuals.  The hot air balloon, funny signs, spilled paint, and even an anvil, hanging precariously from a frayed rope.

mv wdw outside1mv wdw outside2
mv wdw outside19 mv wdw outside15
mv wdw outside18 mv wdw outside17 mv wdw outside16
mv wdw outside13 mv wdw outside12 mv wdw outside11
mv wdw outside9 mv wdw outside8
mv wdw outside14 mv wdw outside7
mv wdw outside6mv wdw outside10
mv wdw outside5 mv wdw outside3
mv wdw outside4
 The Fountain at Walt Disney World

The highlight of Disney World’s Muppet*Vision has got to be the fountain, complete with a spinning Miss Piggy Statue of Liberty.  One detail I’d never noticed before: The rats’ boat has a name.  “Wretched Refuse.”

mv wdw fountain1 mv wdw fountain4
mv wdw fountain3mv wdw fountain2
mv wdw fountain5 mv wdw fountain6
The Posters at Walt Disney World

Scattered throughout the courtyard are posters, posters, and more posters.  Some are straight-forward, and others are filled with puns.  It’s stuff like this that really make the Muppets Courtyard the sort of place you can spend hours and hours.  And also hours.  Who doesn’t love taking a little time out of their busy Disney vacation to do some light reading?

mv wdw poster1 mv wdw poster2
mv wdw poster3
mv wdw poster5
mv wdw poster6
mv wdw poster8
mv wdw poster4   mv wdw poster7
mv wdw poster9 mv wdw poster10

The outside area at Disneyland is pretty different.  Rather than posters, they have full-scale models.  A crash test dummy Beaker, the remains of Gonzo’s motorcycle stunt, and lots and lots of barrels and boxes with more Muppet-style puns.  But the highlight is absolutely the crashed Pigs in Space ship, the Swinetrek, which is much smaller than it looks on TV.

mv dl outside1 mv dl outside2
mv dl outside3 mv dl outside4
mv dl outside5 mv dl outside6
mv dl outside7 mv dl outside8
mv dl outside9 mv dl outside11
mv dl outside12 mv dl outside13
mv dl outside14 mv dl outside15
mv dl outside17 mv dl outside10
mv dl outside18mv dl outside16
mv dl outside19 mv dl outside21
mv dl outside22mv dl outside20
mv dl outside23 mv dl outside24
mv dl outside25 mv dl outside26
mv dl outside27 mv dl outside28
The Entryway

Walt Disney World

Just inside the door, you’re greeted with a vacant security desk.  Once again, puns galore!  Down the hallway to the theater, you’ll also pass several doorways that each have their own jokey jokes.  And as most people have already discovered, if you believe the sign that claims there’s a key under the mat, you will indeed find a key under the mat.  On one recent visit, we also spotted something that wasn’t part of the regular display: A dustbin with a drawing of Animal on it.  How appropriate.

mv wdw entry1 mv wdw entry2
mv wdw entry3 mv wdw entry4
mv wdw entry5 mv wdw entry6
mv wdw entry7 mv wdw entry8
mv wdw entry9 mv wdw entry10
mv wdw entry11 mv wdw entry13mv wdw entry15
mv wdw entry12 mv wdw entry14
mv wdw entry16

The entryway at Disneyland is pretty similar.  You’ve got your security desk, more Wanted posters, and punny doors.  Aside from the Muppet*Vision show itself, this may be the one element that’s most similar between the two parks.

mv dl entry2 mv dl entry3
mv dl entry1 mv dl entry4 mv dl entry5
mv dl entry6 mv dl entry7
mv dl entry8
mv dl entry9
Stay tuned for part 2 of our Muppet*Vision photos as we continue our tour into the waiting area, through the theater, and exit through the gift shop!

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