The Muppets Go Hollywood (Boulevard)

Published: January 18, 2011
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The Muppets had Hollywood buzzing last night, with a night of filming at the El Capitan Theater for a musical number for their new movie. I’m going to go ahead and steal pictures from other websites, because that’s what people do on the internet.

You should click this link right now to check out the pictures posted by, but here are a few highlights:

This appears to be a real-life throng watching a movie-extra throng gathered in front of the El Capitan, which I’m guessing will be playing the role of the Muppet Theater in this movie. If you look closely, the marquee is advertising “The Muppet Telethon.”


Either this is a moment from the dance number, or Amy Adams’ contract stipulates that Jason Segel carry her around everywhere on set.


Here’s a zoomed-in crowd shot, with a bunch of people with signs, and hey, there’s Sweetums! And Behemoth! And… Thog?! For years Muppet fans have assumed that because the original Thog puppet had deteriorated, and a new one would cost lots of money to make, we would never see the big blue guy again. But here he is! I’m guessing he won’t have any lines in the movie, but it’s cool just to see him. With all the celebrity appearances they’ve crammed into this thing, Thog’s cameo might just end up being my favorite.

Oh, and it’s kind of hard to make things out in this shot, but I think I also see some chickens… and possibly Sam the Eagle and Lew Zealand? Or maybe those are just some Sam- and Lew-colored blobs.

For more set photos, check these sites: Geekscape has a nice shot of the theater marquee. has more pictures of Adams and Segel dancing, plus some quotes from Adams about her fightin’ and cussin’ habits. And if pictures just aren’t enough for you, Bleeding Cool actually has two very, very brief video clips, including one where you can hear the last few seconds of the song.

Are you excited about this movie yet?

Click here to wish Thog had his own dance number on the Tough Pigs forum!

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