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Published: March 3, 2014
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Maxwell Jessop – Welcome again to Muppetology 101. It’s me, Max the How To guy! I’m here to guest lecture again. This time I’m going to discuss examples of Kermit the Frog doppelgängers in history. You’d be surprised how numerous they are.

The Mechanical Wind-Up TV Show Host

  • This Kermit look-alike is the first doppelgänger, not counting impersonators in costume, to be seen in their long history. The Mechanical Wind-Up TV Show Host, sometimes called Robot Kermit, was made by J.P. Grosse in Episode 104 of The Muppet Show. He is made in the exact image of Kermit and, using his likeness, took over hosting duties and made out of character advances to Miss Piggy. At the end of the episode, much to Kermit’s enjoyment, the Mechanical Wind-Up TV Show Host breaks down, leaving Kermit to once again fulfill his duties.
  • Differences: The Mechanical Wind-Up TV Show Host is much more aggressive and mischievous than Kermit, likes Miss Piggy romantically, and, very uncharacteristically, bears a wind-up key on his back.

The Koozebanian Phoob

  • The Koozebanian Phoob, while only appearing in one sketch, is one of the more difficult-to-identify Kermit dead-ringers. He begins the sketch bearing blue shaggy fur, a long, forked tongue, thick black eyebrows, yellow-tinted eyes, and fangs. But, as he explains himself in the sketch, he evolves faster than other Koozebanian creatures, allowing him to transform and shape-shift into whatever he chooses. To illustrate, the Phoob transforms into Reporter Kermit and attempts to confuse the audience using this “Survival of the Trenchcoated” technique.
  • Differences: More nasally voice (a la Jerry Nelson) and eventual devolution resulting in blue fur, fangs, long tongue, yellow eyes, and eye brows.

Lenny the Lizard

  • While not quite a doppelganger and more an impersonator, Lenny the Lizard bears a sinister resemblance to Kermit the Frog. However, he looks more like Kermit in his Sam & Friends days. He bears pale turquoise skin, yellow-tinted eyes, flatter arms, and black eyebrows. He auditions to be the new host in Episode 208 of The Muppet Show and his shtick is eerily similar to the format Kermit uses.
  • Difference: Pale green skin tone, yellow-tinted eyes, eyebrows, flatter arms, and deeper voice supplied by Richard Hunt.

Kermit the Pig

  • Kermit the Pig is the head honcho of The Muppet Show for Episode 224 when the pigs take over the show. As host, Kermit the Pig attempts to emulate Kermit’s abilities and way of presenting, much like Robot Kermit and Lenny the Lizard. The appearance of Kermit the Pig is almost exactly the same as Kermit’s except with the addition of a snout and ears and a greener skin tone. Of course, all his efforts are futile when Kermit and the gang escape from the boiler room.
  • Differences: Snout, ears, lighter green skin tone, and higher, more nasally voice courtesy of Dave Goelz.

Kismet the Toad

  • Kismet the Toad appeared in The Muppet Show Comic Book arc “The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson.” He is a no-nonsense conman whose art of convincingness has everyone believing he is Kermit the Frog. However, it is plain to see Kismet’s style nowhere near mimics that of Kermit. In all honesty, he tries very little at worthy impression, and relies on his street smart to win everyone over.
  • Differences: Wears a leather jacket, plain white tee, dark sunglasses, and has malicious goals and evil tendencies.


  • Member of the Moopets tribute group, Kermoot, despite being the Moopet equivalent of the star and host, barely gets a line in The Muppets and is relegated to a singing in the chorus upstage from Fozzie Bear. His appearance, however, like most Moopets, sets him apart from most Muppets and other talking frogs.
  • Differences: Dark green skin tone, black eyebrows (I’m seeing a pattern), blue eyelids, mouth piercings, and urban (or gothic) black clothing.


  • Finally, the most recent and most popular Kermit doppelganger, Constantine. Based on the information we have regarding Muppets Most Wanted, Constantine is the number one most wanted frog in the world and a recently escaped convict. During the Muppets’ world tour, he makes use of his similarity to Kermit the Frog and makes a classic Prince and the Pauper-style switcheroo. Constantine is the most similar Kermit lookalike and only bears a prominent black mole on his right cheek and a shorter pointed collar as differences. He also has a Russian accent, is a black belt in karate, is a master of escape, and an expert of explosives. All in all, he can be summed up as Kermit if he was a criminal.
  • Differences: Russian accent, mole on right cheek, shorter collar, occasionally wears a Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come-esque cloak, and skilled in villainous activities.

Well, there you have it. The history of Kermit the Frog–I mean, not Kermit–I mean Kermit lookalikes. This is so confusing! At least you know how to spot the difference!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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