Published: March 6, 2011
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MuppetFanscomWhat’s the one thing all Muppet fans have in common? Besides the fact that we’re all very attractive and smell wonderful, I mean. We all have an insatiable hunger for Stuff About Muppets. We want to get the latest Muppet-related news, we want to read reviews of every Muppet project ever, and we love interviews with actual Muppet people.

Well, now there’s a one-stop shop for all the best Muppet fan content on the internet. It’s called, and it is not an online store selling Elmo and Kermit ceiling fans. It’s a shiny new website brought to you by your pals Ryan (i.e., me) and Joe here at Tough Pigs in conjunction with Steve Swanson of the MuppetCast podcast and Ryan Dosier of the Muppet Mindset, with art direction for the whole shebang provided by the talented Dave Hulteen, Jr. You can check every day, and every day you’ll find something new, including links to the latest posts on TP and the Mindset, new episodes of the MuppetCast, and all kinds of up-to-the-minute news and Muppet videos and other cool crap like that. Oh, and there’s lots of great fan art. Oh, and there’s a whole section devoted to all the interviews we’ve ever done. Basically, it’s a website designed to ensure that Muppet fans never get anything done at work again.

So, you know how sometimes people start silly campaigns on Facebook to change your profile picture to a favorite cartoon character or a lookalike celebrity or a root vegetable? To kick off the new site, we’re doing our very own silly campaign! If you’re psyched about, why not change your Facebook profile picture to a Muppet? Then when your friends ask you why, you can say, “BECAUSE I’M EXCITED ABOUT MUPPETFANS.COM, DUDE! YEEEEE-HA!” And then they can check out the site too! Or unfriend you. All of us on the team are changing our profile pics to the Whatnot versions of ourselves created by our very own Dave Hulteen… so if you’re an artist, you should absolutely draw a Whatnot of yourself for your Facebook profile. It’s what all the cool kids are doing!

Yes, it’s, and it totally exists now. Check it out, click around, and feel free to tell us what you think! We sincerely hope fans everywhere will find it very Muppety and highly dot-commy.


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