Introducing the Muppetational May Challenge

Published: April 30, 2018
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The month of May is upon us, and we’ve got a challenge for you that requires nothing more than a Twitter account and a healthy knowledge of the Muppets.  Got both of those?  Great, you’re in.

The idea for the Muppetational May Challenge comes from our pal Clayton Roederer, who originally conceived it as just a fun thing for a few select fans to do, but we’re going to blow the whole thing up by wrangling as many Muppet fans as we can to participate.

The idea is this: Every day in May, we’re encouraging everyone to share their favorite Muppet characters, moments, and other details.  Each day has their own element, so we’ll all be sharing the same stuff on the same dates.

The full month’s schedule is below:

  • May 1st: Your top 4 favorite Muppets
  • May 2nd: Your top 4 favorite Sesame Street characters
  • May 3rd: Your top 4 favorite Fraggle Rock characters
  • May 4th: Your top 4 episodes of The Muppet Show
  • May 5th: Your top 4 episodes of Sesame Street
  • May 6th: Your top 4 episodes of Fraggle Rock
  • May 7th: Your favorite Muppet movie
  • May 8th: Your least favorite Muppet movie
  • May 9th: Your favorite Muppet special
  • May 10th: Your least favorite Muppet special
  • May 11th: Your favorite Muppet Christmas production
  • May 12th: Your guilty pleasure Muppet production
  • May 13th: Your favorite original Muppet performer
  • May 14th: Your favorite current Muppet performer
  • May 15th: Your favorite Muppet recast
  • May 16th: Your favorite non-Muppets Henson production
  • May 17th: Muppet productions you grew up on
  • May 18th: The last Muppet production you watched
  • May 19th: Your favorite Muppet joke or running gag
  • May 20th: Your favorite sketch from The Muppet Show
  • May 21st: Your favorite recurring segment from The Muppet Show
  • May 22nd: Your favorite recurring segment from Sesame Street
  • May 23rd: Your favorite classic Muppets song
  • May 24th: Your favorite classic Sesame Street song
  • May 25th: Your favorite Fraggle Rock song
  • May 26th: The most underrated Muppet production
  • May 27th: The most overrated Muppet production
  • May 28th: Your favorite Muppet viral video
  • May 29th: Your favorite Sesame Street viral video
  • May 30th: Your favorite Muppet merchandise
  • May 31st: Your favorite Muppet quote

I know, you’re already deciding what all your Muppetational May choices will be.

If you want to join the party, just post the category and your answer along with the hashtag #MuppetationalMay.  If you want, you can add a little explanation for your choice.  For example, if Fozzie Bear was playing along, he might share a tweet like this on May 7th:

Sounds like fun, right?

Some of your ToughPigs friends will be joining in too.  You can follow everyone’s responses via the hashtag, or feel free to follow Clayton Roederer (@cwroederer) or your ToughPigs head honchos Ryan Roe (@meryanroe) or myself (@joehennes) to see what we share.

We hope you play along with us, and we look forward to seeing all your Muppetational May choices!

Click here to name your favorite Muppet fan site on the ToughPigs forum!

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