The Original Muppet*Vision 3D: The Muppet View-Master

Published: April 9, 2021
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Every so often, the internet is reminded of the existence of the Muppets’ View-Master reels. You remember View-Masters, right? It’s like a set of binoculars that give you three-dimensional images that click around a reel of slides. Practically every franchise had their own View-Masters, along with a collection of unique and iconic images.

The Muppets are no different, as they released several sets of View-Masters, and each one is full of absolute gold. They’re terrific visuals of the characters, they have that sweet retro color filter, and they each tell a subtle story. They’re legitimately perfect.

Many thanks to Lance Cardinal for the scans!

Now let’s start with the Muppets’ first View-Master, “Meet Jim Henson’s Muppets”, in which we meet a bunch of Muppets, and Fozzie Bear practices his photobomy.

View-Master reel #2 is “The Muppets Go Hawaiian”, which has an interesting “Super Mario Bros. 2” twist to it, which Crazy Harry ignites a volcano.

The next View-Master takes us back into the Muppet Theater with “The Muppets Audition Night”, in which Kermit forces his friends to audition for the show they’re already on.

Finally, the Muppets go to the circus in “The Muppet Circus”, which surprisingly features real animals. And it doesn’t do much to dissuade the notion that clowns are terrifying.

What fun! Old technology is great, and Muppet photos are greater.

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