The Muppet Show Is Coming to Disney+

Published: January 19, 2021
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You would be easily forgiven if you forgot that many of the best-loved Muppets, like Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Uncle Deadly, got their start on a television program called The Muppet Show. The first three seasons of the show’s five-season run were released on DVD, but the last of those came out in 2008 . That was thirteen years ago! The show was never officially released on streaming — whether it was music rights, celebrity likeness rights, or ravenous monsters, something was keeping those Muppets from their adoring audience.

But at last, here’s some good news! The Disney+ people announced today that The Muppet Show will be coming to that streaming service on Friday, February 19. And that includes all five seasons!

This means we’ll be able to watch The Muppet Show really soon! On our computers and smart TVs and iPads! We can also expect a dramatic spike in the number of people talking about Fozzie Bear on Twitter. This also means millions of youngsters can watch the show for the first time, and either fall in love with it like we did, or be bored by it.

It’s worth noting that the official announcement does not use any words like “uncut” or “unedited,” so we’ll no doubt be spending the first hours after the show’s release scouring episodes in search of possible cuts.

So mark your calendars for February 19, and cancel all your appointments so you can spent approximately 60 hours watching The Muppet Show. Finally, we’ll get to see what this Wally Boag guy is all about!

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