The Muppet Room, Part 2: Inside the Room!

Published: November 15, 2023

Yesterday, we brought you the remarkable story of Andy Walmsley, a lifelong Muppet fan who went on to work with the Muppets as a set designer, and then embarked on an amazing, ambitious project: Recreating the Muppet Theater backstage inside his house, complete with a massive collection of Muppet replica puppets made by various puppet builders.

Today, we continue our look at Andy’s Muppet Room project with an in-depth interview with Andy, who spoke to us from right there in the Muppet Room! In this video, Andy shows us some of his favorite features of the Muppet Room (including a REAL, screen-used Muppet cat), gives us a close look at his replica puppets, and explains what’s next for the room. Check it out:

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