Five Muppet Foods I’d Like To Eat

Published: July 14, 2023
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I’ll be frank with you, I’m writing this at 6:30pm as my dinner finishes cooking in the slow cooker. It’s a chicken dish and it smells amazing, and when I sat down to write an article all I can think about is how hungry I am. Which got me thinking about Muppet food, and which ones look delicious. So I quickly jumped on this list of Muppet food over on Muppet Wiki to choose five of them that I’d eat without even thinking about it, even if they do have faces.

1 – The sandwich from Muppets From Space

This sandwich, performed by Brian Henson, looks a lot tastier than it is, as Joe Hennes can attest. He and our pal Tori made and ate this sandwich last year in a fun video you can watch right here. It’s a classic peanut butter, with banana, cucumber and pickles, sitting on a bed of lettuce. Now, I love all those things individually, so I can only assume that they’d taste just as good together. Or at least that’s what I thought, until I watched Joe and Tori eat it and hate every second of it. But you can’t tell me that that sandwich doesn’t look delicious, and I’m going off looks alone here. The bread looks soft, the peanut butter looks smooth, the bananas are ripe. Mmm, I’d eat that in a second.

2 – Pita from The Hungry Games

Back when Sesame Street were a little more fun, they made a tonne of parody sketches of popular movies with Cookie Monster in the starring role. Because Cookie loves food, their Hunger Games parody was called The Hungry Games and featured a send up of Peeta called Pita, who was just a bit of pita bread with a face. I love pita bread, stuffed with some falafel with some salad and some hummus, it’s the perfect lunch time food. I don’t care if I have to rip that puppet off Eric Jacobson’s hand, I’m gonna eat it.

3 – Chunky Cheese from Spaceship Surprise

I’m also thinking about food because this weekend I’m heading to a local cheese maker’s restaurant to sample a spread of their finest. I really love cheese, it might be the perfect food, and I love a giant chunk of it. I used to buy it shredded, until I realised it’s much better as a block and shaved or grated yourself. Or eaten whole, like I’d absolutely eat Chunky Cheese from the old Sesame Street Star Trek parody Spaceship Surprise (I always thought the surprise would be that they clearly don’t have a windscreen on their space ship – look for yourself!). He’s Swiss Cheese, and while not my favorite, a nice slice of swiss on a cracker with a little quince paste is just what the doctor ordered. I’m gonna give my cheese a Jerry Nelson voice this weekend just for this.

4 – Bernie Broccoli from Sesame Street

I’d hate for you to think I’m just eating unhealthy foods, I also love my veggies! Muppet fruits and vegetables have always looked particuarly delectable, but there’s something about the broccoli puppet on Sesame Street that looks super enticing. Named ‘Bernie’ for a series of segments in Season 37, the puppet has been around for many years, including Cookie’s famous ‘Healthy Food’ rap song. I think it’s how green and full it looks, like I could slather some gravy on it with my roast beef and really chow down, those big beady eyes staring in horror the whole time. How would vegans cope with eating sentient veggies…?

5 – The Wish Pickle from When You Wish Upon A Pickle

I was in the US a couple of months ago and one of my favorite things they do there is include pickles with your dishes. Getting a sandwich? Have a pickle. Eating a burger? Here’s a pickle. Ice cream? Enjoy a pickle afterwards. Pickles everywhere, it was heaven. At this very moment, I have 6 different forms of pickles in my fridge – relish, burger pickles, sandwich stacker pickles, curry pickles, you name it I’ve got it. The Wish Pickle from Sesame Street’s best recent special ‘When You Wish Upon A Pickle’ looks particuarly good. It’s big, which is always a bonus. It looks juicy. The little bumps on it feel like they’d have some real vinger explosions. The eyes wouldn’t bother me. Plus, it might give me a wish to be a weather man or hang out with Blake Lively, and that would be a bonus miracle.

By Jarrod Fairclough –

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