The Great Muppet Emoji Quiz

Published: July 6, 2020
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Emojis! They’re great when you want to say something, but you don’t want to use so many letters, and you want it to be just a little confusing.

We put together a fun pictogram quiz that’s relatively easy at some points, and almost impossible at others. You’re gonna love it!

Below, you’ll find a series of Muppet pictograms using only emojis, and you’ll need to figure out which Muppet, Sesame Street character, or Muppet Show guest star is listed! The answer key is at the bottom of this page.

BUT WAIT! We also created an interactive version of our game! Click here to play this quiz on Sporcle, which will let you type in the names and tally your score!

These emoji pictograms were written by a whole bunch of smart and good looking Muppet fans. Many thanks to Mar Dixon, Wilson Swain, Robert Berg, Paul Offelman-Flohic, and Chris Smigliano for all your help!

* Muppet Show Characters
* Sesame Street Characters
* Muppet Show Guest Stars

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