Muppet Show Comic Reprinted… Again

Published: August 25, 2016
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One of our favorite non-movie, non-TV show Muppet productions from the past few years was The Muppet Show Comic Book, written and illustrated by Roger Langridge.  The book was a great follow-up to The Muppet Show, and gave us the only quality original content from the brand at the time.

The book was published by BOOM Studios, then collected intro trade paperbacks, and then printed again by Marvel Comics, followed by a hardcover omnibus, and now we’re looking at yet another edition of the book.  Although I’d much, much rather get some new comics, it’s still a good thing to try and get these books into the hands of even more Muppet fans.

Publisher Joe Books will be releasing a 400-page softcover omnibus collecting The Muppet Show Comic Book on November 1st!  The book will cost $29.99.

Hopefully if this book does well, Joe Books will get to start making original Muppet comics!  So if you haven’t bought these comics yet, now’s the time!

Click here to buy four copies of the ToughPigs forum!

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