Muppet Book Club: Bert’s Hall of Great Inventions

Published: May 22, 2017
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It’s been a long, long time since we had a Muppet Book Club around here.  So long, in fact, that I forgot how to read.  Fortunately, I’ve been watching Sesame Street, and I think I’m back up to speed.  So it’s time for a new Muppet Book Club!

The basic premise, for those of you just joining us, is that we post an old Muppet-related book, and then you send us your comments about it.  Our selection this time is Bert’s Hall of Great Inventions from 1972, written by Revena Dwight and illustrated by Roger Bradfield.  The same team worked on a previous Book Club selection, the beloved Together Book. Like that classic, this one is pleasantly odd.

We’re going to do things a little bit differently this time.  We’re adding Google Forms technology to the mix!  Oooh, technology.  What this means is that this Book Club consists of two separate parts:

In Part 1, you can read the book via the images below.  You can click on each one to make it bigger.

In Part 2, you can use the Google Form further below to submit your insightful and hilarious thoughts on the book.  You can enter any comments and observations you have that are specific to each page, then answer a few discussion questions.

Of course, if you’d prefer to do it old-school, you can always share your comments on the Tough Pigs forum or by e-mailing me at  I like old-school.  Here we go!

PART 1: THE BOOK (click each page to embiggen)

Click here for the Google Form, or enter your comments below!

Suggested discussion questions, for those who would rather discuss the book on the Tough Pigs forum or by sending comments to

  1. The title page declares that this book was “written to help children become more aware of natural animal characteristics and see counterparts in man-made machines and tools.” Is this a bold attempt by the author to prevent the readers from forming their own interpretations of the book? What do you think the book is REALLY about?
  2. Some of Ernie’s animal friends wear hats, while others are bare-headed. Why is this?
  3. Bert gets really excited about common objects including a flyswatter and a hose. Does Bert have an unusually deep appreciation of the modern conveniences we all take for granted, or is he just kind of dumb in this book?
  4. Ernie and Bert are roommates and best friends, yet Ernie seems to have no prior knowledge of Bert’s job as curator and tour guide of the Hall of Great Inventions. Which, by the way, is located at the zoo. Isn’t that all pretty weird?
  5. How much would you expect to pay for an electric jumping baby carriage?
  6. Any final thoughts?

Click here to stroll with your animal friends to the Tough Pigs forum!

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