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Published: October 2, 2010
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A few weeks ago, we asked the question that’s been on nobody’s mind. Since the Swedish Chef has been seen recently with a wedding ring, who’s the blushing bride?? A bunch of you wrote in with some hypotheses, guesstimates, and stabs-in-the-dark, and we’re presenting the best of the best right here, right now.

Could Mrs. Swedish Chef be one of these lucky ladies…?

chickenThe Chef’s wife is most likely someone/something edible. Maybe a chicken. And then if Gonzo gets jealous, the Chef can just fry her up and serve her for dinner and no one would be the wiser. (Dave G.)

Sexy-Chef-CostumeHe’s Swedish. He’d go for a beautiful Swedish woman. Probably with a mustache. (Abby P.)

MrsChefThe Swedish Chef’s wife was played by Stockard Channing in “Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree“. (Anthony S.)

robot chickenDidn’t we see her already? She was on an episode of Robot Chicken (clip link)! (Ivan G.)

BjorkBJORK!! (b’ork, b’ork, b’ork) I betcha HE designed that dress of hers!! (Angson S.)

bigbirdI believe it may be Big Bird. They really hit it off in The Muppet Family Christmas. (Devin C.)

cleo laineI always thought he and Cleo Laine really hit it off. (Ben W.)

CatCora01The Swedish Chef and Muppets Kitchen’s Angelo are a grotesque match made in heaven. Especially when Angelo is in drag. (Elise K.)

swissmiss2Swiss Miss. Too obvious? (Tina T.)

womenI always imagined he had ladies everywhere! (Peter S.)

Thanks to everyone who sent in their suggestions and pictures! You’ve helped make the Swedish Chef the happiest unintelligible man in the world!

10 cake

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