Movin’ Right Along 443: Gonzo, Not Dickens – But Marley, Not Waldorf

Published: May 16, 2023
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We’re talking about Minutes 85-86 of The Muppet Christmas Carol, in which mice and Charles Dickens say goodbye and credits begin. With special guest Staci Rosen!

PLUS: Which Hugh invented the elevator? Why does Gonzo tell us to read the book? The illustrious career of Mr. Caine’s double! 38 additional Muppet performers! Who provided craft services? And should Ryan see King Ralph?

ALSO: Read Staci’s article “Strange Revelation: Sesame Street Isn’t Real?” on!

Hosted by Anthony Strand & Ryan Roe

Guest Staci Rosen

Produced & Edited by Ryan Roe

Logo by Morgan Davy

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