Movin’ Right Along 406: Christmas Is BAD

Published: August 16, 2022
Categories: Podcasts

We’re talking about Minutes 11-12 of The Muppet Christmas Carol, in which Scrooge is grumpy and Nephew Fred drops by to spread cheer. With special guest Marisa LaScala of!

PLUS: The great Mickey vs. Muppet debate! What does “our assets are frozen” really mean? Are there only two songs in this movie? Mystery Science Theater Rizzo! And when will the name “Ebenezer” make a comeback?

ALSO: Read Ryan’s article on the many, many Muppets named Fred on!

Hosted by Anthony Strand & Ryan Roe

Guest Marisa LaScala

Produced & Edited by Ryan Roe

Logo by Morgan Davy

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Written by Ryan Roe

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