Movin’ Right Along Episode 034: No One Is Happy to See Piggy

Published: July 24, 2018
Categories: Podcasts

We’re talking about Minutes 67 & 68 of The Muppet Movie: Snake Walker reveals his raison d’etre, the Muppets pick up Miss Piggy on the side of the road, and their car breaks down in the desert. With special guest Roz Strand! Plus: What the heck is frog-gigging? Who does Snake Walker sound like? And we answer the burning question: Does Doc Hopper say “Music to Hunt Frogs By” or “Music to Hug Frogs By?”

Hosted by Anthony Strand & Ryan Roe

Guest Roz Strand

Edited by Ryan Roe

Theme Music by Staci Rosen

Logo by Morgan Davy

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Written by Ryan Roe

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