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Dragon*Con was held this past week in Atlanta, and those lucky enough to attend had the chance to witness Fraggle history.  For the first time in years, Red Fraggle and Mokey Fraggle appeared together.

Thanks to the magic of YouTube and the Information Superhighway, we can pretend we were there to see Karen Prell, Kathy Mullen, and Michael Frith, along with Red and Mokey, in these two videos below.

First, watch this short highlight video featuring Red and Mokey’s big reunion:

Next, if you have 22 minutes to spare, you can watch the entire panel, as moderated by ToughPigs’ friend Elizabeth Leary!

And we’d be remiss not to share this awesome picture featuring our pal David Stephens cosplaying as Jim Henson with the Fraggles.


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by Joe Hennes –

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