ToughPigs Art: Mike Boon

Published: September 21, 2012
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We’ve had our eye on Mike Boon for a while, and you may have too.  He surprised us all with his Muppet Alphabet, and then built a lightning rod so that lightning could strike twice with a Sesame Street Alphabet. And then he did it again and again.

Mike has built up an impressive cache of Muppet fan art over the past few years, including a few entries for the Muppet and Sesame Street t-shirt design contests and ToughPigs’ 10th anniversary celebration.  And furthering his ability to be awesome, he has graciously agreed to let us repost his work right here!

So, take a look at all of Mike Boon’s amazing Muppet artwork!




Many thanks to Mike Boon for all his great work!

Click here to spell it out with Muppets on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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