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Published: October 23, 2019
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The new Muppet Babies series has been chock full of appearances by fan favorite Muppets lately.  They’ve introduced Baby Rizzo, Baby Rowlf, Baby Sweetums, and Baby Swedish Chef.  While we patiently await the debut of Baby Lew Zealand, the show just announced its next classic Muppet character to be babified: Robin the Frog.

Robin, Kermit’s adorable nephew, has actually been seen in baby form before.  He made a few appearances on the original Muppet Babies, but Tadpole Robin was relegated to a fishbowl.  The new and improved Robin can not only leave the bowl, but he also gets an actual set of clothes!  A rarity for Robin in any form!

Our pals over at the Muppet Mindset got an exclusive peek at Robin in action.  He’ll debut in the episode “Tagalong Polliwog” this Friday, October 25th on Disney Junior, and he’s voiced by Eric Bauza.  Check out the video of Robin’s introduction below!

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