Muppet Christmas Carol Soundtrack Reissued on Vinyl

Published: November 16, 2021
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Great news for fans of the Muppets, Paul Williams, Charles Dickens, singing vegetables, and anyone with a thankful heart!

The soundtrack to the classic Muppet Christmas Carol will be re-released on vinyl, just in time for the holidays! The album will contain all 17 original songs (yes, including “When Love Is Gone” – two versions, in fact), as well as the cut-from-the-film “Room in Your Heart” and “Chairman of the Board”. The cover art for this release was created by the incredible Kevin Wilson.

The Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack will be available in three variants: Red, green, and the online exclusive “Ghosts of Christmas Blue” translucent vinyl. Each variant will feature a ghostly Marley brother in the center – one on each side.

The records will be available for just $29.99 starting November 26th at 9am PST on, or you can check out your favorite local record shop.

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