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Published: April 5, 2023
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Just yesterday, we were finally graced with the first teaser trailer for The Muppets Mayhem, and we’re real excited to see what those knuckleheads are gonna get up to when their new show drops on May 10th.

The teaser is only 30 seconds long, and it goes by pretty quickly. We wanted to take in every detail, so we’re investigating every frame to scope it out and get hyped. Before we share our research, take another gander at the trailer. C’mon, you can spare another 30 seconds.

Wow, wasn’t that great?? I liked the bit with the, uh… band? And the flashing? Man, it just went way too fast. That’s why we’re gonna look at every image that flew by!

This is 2023. 45 years ago was (hang on… doing math… math math math…) was 1978. The Electric Mayhem made their debut on The Muppet Show in 1976, which is just more than 45. The full band roster including Lips debuted in 1980, which is just less than 45. So maybe they split the difference? I dunno, that’s math for ya.

Whose shoes are these?? Could be Floyd, could be Janice, maybe even Zoot. This will be the only question on everyone’s mind until May 10th.

Beatles fans will recognize this one – Paul McCartney famously had a similar sticker reading “BASSMAN” on his bass guitar, as seen in the documentary miniseries Get Back (also on Disney+! Synergy!). And of course, Floyd famously sang the song “Mr. Bassman” with Scooter during the first season of The Muppet Show.

There’s Dr. Teeth’s fingers tickling the ivories! I’m not sure we’ve ever gotten a closeup of his rings before, so squint and turn your head and zoom in and enjoy those intricate designs.

There’s (presumably) Janice’s finger cranking up the volume on her amp, which goes to 11.5. That’s the best way to homage the famous joke from This Is Spinal Tap – the dial doesn’t just go past 11, it barely goes past 11.

It’s no surprise that Dr. Teeth shows good dental health. If he doesn’t take care of those pearly whites, he’d have to change his name.

With all these quick clips, it’s fun to see the Mayhem wearing lots of different outfits. Even if it’s just a plain plaid shirt like the one Floyd is rocking here, it’s nice knowing they’ll be showing off their entire wardrobes.

Janice is in this television programme! And wherever she is, she seems to be enjoying the pretty stained glass windows.

The Electric Mayhem (along with Lilly Singh) will likely be spending a lot of time in their van. But will Dr. Teeth be the only driver?? Does Zoot even have a driver’s license?

Floyd and Lips seem to be sharing a moment, swaying in front of what I’m guessing is a campfire (Lips looks like he’s holding a burning stick, sans marshmallow). Perhaps this is a secret sequel to Rocky Mountain Holiday?

Animal is also in this programme!

As is Dr. Teeth, sporting a fancy black hat. Is this considered formal wear for him?

As if Animal wasn’t loud enough. Quiet down, Animal, I says.

Good news: Lips hasn’t forgotten how to play the trumpet!

Here’s Animal, arriving at Nora’s house with a “gift” of flowers. This was part of the clip we were treated to at Comic Con, and Animal’s moment here got a hefty chuckle out of me.

Sure, it’s cool to see Animal and Floyd crowd surfing. But where are the puppeteers? How the heck do you edit Eric Jacobson and Matt Vogel out of a shot like this? Puppetry is amazing, y’all.

Janice is in this programme! You knew that already, but this picture is reminding you!

The Electric Mayhem seemed to be headbanging in this snippet. If they hadn’t already covered “Bohemian Rhapsody“, I might’ve guessed that the song would be popping up in the new show. What else might they be headbanging to? Tweet your predictions to us!

Spoilers: The Electric Mayhem play a live concert! And those of you who hate seeing full-bodied Muppets are gonna hate it!

There they all are! Together again! Speaking of Muppets Take Manhattan, it’s great to see Animal rocking the “I <3 NY” shirt he wore in that movie. I’m surprised he didn’t, I dunno, eat it or something.

And finally, we’re back at the concert, complete with… a bunch of chandeliers? Sure, why not! Go nuts, you guys earned them.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to see these images expanded into entire scenes once The Muppets Mayhem drops on Disney+ on May 10th!

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