Muppets Mayhem Comes to New York Comic Con

Published: September 14, 2022
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We’re all still chompin’ at the bit for news on the Electric Mayhem’s upcoming Disney+ series, The Muppets Mayhem. Unfortunately, despite their presence at the D23 Expo this past weekend, we didn’t really learn much of anything about it. Turns out, that’s exactly what Comic Con is for, specifically the one in New York. You remember, that city where Kermit got hit by a taxi cab? Yeah, that’s the chap!

The Muppets Mayhem will have their own panel at the con on Sunday, October 9 from 11-12:30pm. The event is described as such:

It’s time to play the music! Coming to Disney+ in 2023, The Muppets Mayhem is a brand-new series that, for the first time in the Muppets’ over 65-year history, focuses on the legendary Electric Mayhem band as they maneuver their way through the music world of Los Angeles with one goal — to finally record their first album. Join the “human” stars of the series — Lilly SinghTahj Mowry and Saara Chaudry — as well as co-creators and executive producers Adam F. GoldbergJeff Yorkes and Bill Barretta for exciting news, exclusive footage and more!

So, less of a live Muppet presence than at D23, it seems. But there’s promise of actual news and footage from the series, so that more than makes up for it in my book. We’ll have some members of the Tough Pigs team on the scene to bring all the developments from the panel, so keep an eye out for that in the future!

Click here to rock out in the Javits Center on the Tough Pigs forum!

By Shane Keating

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