Psst.  Hey, you.  Yeah, you.  Wanna make your own Sesame Street toys?  Well, that’s totally a legit thing you can do.

The good folks at MakerBot (who have already been selling Sesame Street patterns for Snuffy, Guy Smiley, the Yip Yip Martians, a Honker, and the Two-Headed Monster) have added three more characters to their lineup: Frazzle, Grover, and Cookie Monster.

The Frazzle design comes with a jack-o-lantern with his own face on it.  Grover comes with patterns to print his Super Grover helmet and cape.  And Cookie Monster comes with (what else?) cookies.

So if you own a 3-D printer, you can start printing your very own Sesame toys!  And if not, there’s always the old fashioned option of going to the toy store and buying them.  But that’s way less futuristic.

Click here for more info on how to get the patterns!

Click here to marvel at the idea of a Frazzle toy on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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