Want to Chilly Down with Fireys?  Need more friends than just rocks?

The good folks at ThinkGeek are now selling new plush versions of Labyrinth characters Ludo and the Fireys!  And if they’re not just the cutest things ever, then call me the Prince of the Land of Stench.

Ludo (seen above) comes in at 9″ tall, and you can get him for $19.99 right here.

The Firey (seen below) is about 12″ tall, and all of his limbs are removable.  Because of course they are.  He’ll cost you $34.99 right here.

Now if they’ll just make a Sir Didymus/Ambrosius two-pack, I can fill my bed with my Labyrinth pals and I’ll never have to leave that cuddly pile for as long as I live.

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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