The Return of the Lost Brian Henson Intros

Published: August 19, 2022
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I am not Brian Henson.

But over 15 years ago, I shot a silly video called “The Lost Brian Henson Intros“. Shot in my living room with some of my ToughPigs pals, we were goofing on Brian Henson’s introductions for The Best of Muppet Show series, which we had on repeat pretty much all the time. Originally, it was something we thought only made us laugh, but over the years, “Hi, I’m Brian Henson” gets quoted to me on a regular basis.

If you’ve stumbled on this video in the past, then I’m grateful I could tickle your Muppet-loving funnybone. If you are the real Brian Henson, then I apologize profusely.

Last year, someone on the social medias started a “Hi, I’m Brian Henson” Twitter account. It felt strange that someone might be “stealing” my joke, despite the fact that it’s not much of a joke, and (once again) I’m not actually Brian Henson. ToughPigs pal JD Hansel suggested to me that if I wanted to claim ownership of the joke, I’d have to film more Brian Henson Intros.

Since we shot the first video, I never intended to go back and do more. But JD’s suggestion stuck in my mind, and I couldn’t shake it. Perhaps the spirit of Brian Henson possessed me and gave me the inspiration I needed to create another series of intros. Besides, I still own that ugly tie.

I highly recommend watching our original series of Lost Brian Henson Intros first, and then checking out what we made below. I hope this is interesting or funny to anyone out there. But most of all, I hope Brian Henson never sees these.

First and foremost, I have to thank Matthew Gaydos (co-host of the Kermitment podcast) for handling the editing of this video. He took a silly idea and morphed it into something truly special. Simply incredible work, Matthew!

And thanks to my partner in crime Ryan Roe who helped film the video and co-wrote some of the “intros”. Also for being me for a fraction of a second.

Thanks to Anthony Strand, whose giggles permeate the original Brian Henson video, so of course, we had to include a few in the new version.

And of course, thanks to all you Muppet fans who’ve enjoyed these ridiculous videos for all these years. You weirdos.

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