ToughPigs Presents: Live Drawing Challenge at New York Comic Con!

Published: September 25, 2023
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Among the things we truly love: Muppets. Comic Con. Muppet art. Our parents, I guess?

We are extremely excited to get to celebrate three out of four of those things (sorry, Dad) at this year’s New York Comic Con! ToughPigs is proudly presenting The Live Drawing Challenge – featuring a panel of incredibly talented artists giving the people what they want: Muppet art!

On this panel, we’ll be giving our artists Muppet-related prompts that they’ll have to illustrate quickly and from memory. For example, can they draw Fozzie Bear in 30 seconds flat? Will they remember Pepe’s snaggletooth? Who can draw the best Sweetums under pressure?

Best of all, our artists will be drawing LIVE for the Con audience! So you’ll see every pen stroke and every look of utter confusion from our panelists as we hurl increasingly silly Muppet prompts their way.

Joining us for this panel are our star-studded special guests:

The panel will be held at New York Comic Con on Sunday, October 15th at 3:45pm in Room #408. Click here for more information.

As of this writing tickets for NYCC are still available! Purchase your Sunday tickets and join in on the fun!

We’ll see you at the Con!

Click here to draw every chili pepper on Gonzo’s shirt on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –


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