Little Bird Plush Arrives at Sesame Place

Published: April 11, 2024
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Spring is here and once more, that means the annual Sesame Street Classic Character will peak its head out from the Dead Muppets cabinet at the Henson Workshop and find itself on the shelves in plush form at Sesame Place, ready to be taken to their new forever home. In past years, we’ve seen the re-emergence of such characters as Herry Monster, Barkley, and Alice Snuffleupagus. This year’s plush is a special somebody, a certain yellow feathered individual who has been on the show since the very first season. That’s right, it’s…Granny Bird!

April Fools! I’m totally punk’d you! No, this year’s plush is…Little Bird! That’s right, it’s Big Bird’s bosom companion for many years (and recently retconned to be his Californian cousin) can be yours to own. It’ll be like having a real pet bird, only with no messy clean up or the emotional turmoil of knowing their life expectancy is only a couple of brief years. No siree, Little Bird will be in your life forever and ever.

These Little Bird plush can be found at the Sesame Place gift shops. In the past, those not in the vicinity of Super Grover’s Vapor Trail have been able to purchase these plush by emailing the Sesame Place merchandising team at, and we imagine that is still the case for Little Bird as well.

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By Shane Keating

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