ToughPigs Art: Justin Piatt

Published: February 8, 2017
Categories: Art, Feature

There’s been a little bit of a backlash against pop culture mashups on the internet these days.  Many artists find it easy to choose two things people love, and then go viral just by smashing them together.  But in my opinion, the Muppets lend themselves to these mashups better than anything else.  They’ve played everything from pirates to astronauts, superheroes to Jedis, pro wrestlers to founding fathers.  Why not also the characters from your favorite TV shows and films?

Artist Justin Piatt managed to find some wonderful Muppet/pop culture combos that we hadn’t seen before, including references to The Big Lebowski, Charlie Chaplin, and Hamilton.

For more from Justin, be sure to check out his Instagram!  Many thanks for letting us share your work, Justin!

Click here to make Kermit’s “sheesh face” while upside-down on the ToughPigs forum!

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