Are Rashida Jones & Chris Cooper Muppetational?

Published: October 14, 2010
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Last week, we revealed that Amy Adams is in the running to costar with Jason Segel in the new Muppet movie. Now joining her in the rumor bin are Rashida Jones and Chris Cooper!

According to, “Adams would play Segel’s character’s girlfriend with Jones as a network executive and Cooper as the film’s villain, who seeks to ruin the Muppets’ film studio in order to dig for oil beneath it.

Rashida Jones is well known for her role as Karen on The Office and costarring with Jason Segel in I Love You, Man. She’s currently appearing on Parks and Recreation (or, she would be if Outsourced wasn’t keeping me from my P&R fix), and her dad is a famous guy.

Chris Cooper is pretty famous too! He was in American Beauty, Capote, Seabiscuit, and Adaptation. And he performed the voice of Douglas in the Henson-related film Where the Wild Things Are. He’s already an old salt with puppets! Mmmm, salty puppets…

Sounds like the cast is (tentatively) coming together nicely! Here’s hoping we get some solid info on Rashida Jones, Chris Cooper, and Amy Adams real soon!cooper

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