Celebrating Jim Henson’s Birthday… Without Muppets

Published: September 24, 2018
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Every year on September 24th, we’re elated to celebrate Jim Henson’s birthday.  Not that we need an excuse, but it’s always great to have an opportunity to bring a little more Muppet love into the world in Jim’s name.

It would be easy to provide a list of ideas of how to honor Jim on his birthday, as it would likely be full of ways to experience Jim’s work.  Watch a Muppet Show episode, listen to a Sesame Street album, marathon all the Muppet movies, and so on.  And while those are all extremely valid and, arguably, the best options for celebrating, there is so much more that can be done.  How about ways to honor Jim’s birthday without Muppets?  Lucky for you, we put together a list!

Ride a Bike

Celebrate he man who showed the world that a frog can indeed ride a bicycle with a bike ride of your own.  Except when you do it, there’s a low chance that anyone will wonder where the marionette strings are hidden.

Make a Cartoon

Before Jim got too busy with puppet work, he dabbled in animation.  Cut out some pieces of paper and let them dance to some jazz music, or create some stop-motion animation starring royalty and a kingdom obsessed with the number 8.  Flex those Visual Thinking muscles!

Learn the Banjo

As evidenced by his recent induction into the Banjo Hall of Fame, Jim did more for the world of banjo appreciation than anyone outside of a bluegrass band.  Why not try your hand at a Foggy Mountain Breakdown?

Go Spelunking

In honor of Fraggle Rock, it’s temping to make this action item “make the world a better place” or “try to understand your Gorg-like neighbor”, but those sound difficult.  Keep it simple, and maybe just explore a Fraggle cave or two.

Make Something Out of Your Mother’s Coat

You can take this advice one of two ways.  You can either use it as a metaphor for taking something simple or mundane and breathing new life into it, or you can actually destroy something belonging to your mom to build a frog.

Make a Movie

Jim never stopped creating new films, whether they be Muppet related, high fantasy, or backyard home movies.  Follow in his footsteps, turn on your camera, and make some movie magic.

Grow a Beard

It’s what Jim would have wanted.

Encourage Some Kids to Eat Vegetables

Make like Captain Vegetable and help promote healthy eating habits through superheroics!  Or, if you’d prefer, make like the Swedish Chef and just throw the vegetables directly at them.

Make a Muppera

Whatever a Muppera is, you should make one.

No matter what you do, there’s no wrong way to celebrate the life of Jim Henson.  Happy birthday, Jim!

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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